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Kaos 5.0 – Etnella

Tasting, May 6th 2023: “Un perfetto incontro dal mare e terra (vulcanica)!”

The first Wine we have to present here of our Spring-Collection is Etnellas KAOS 5.0!
An Orange-Wine from North and North-East East-Etna on Sicily – and the first Orange-Wine Arne fell in love with!

The love is still alive! – It is a most elegant expression of the different grape varieties, Davide Bentivegna finds on his vineyards on Mama Etna. On Etna-North traditionally red varieties have been planted – with some whites for the personal consumption of the predecessors. Davide collects all the autochthonous and local varieties and they add up to the fantastic complexity of this wine: there is Carricante, Cataratto, Minnella, Insolia and Grecanico in here – and even more varieties in there. The various terroirs, from east to north, and about 11 different grapes bring the essence of Etna in this wine.

The Kaos is made through three different harvests, one premature with maceration times of 1-2 days, one of ripe grapes with maceration of 3-4 days and one of overripe grapes with 10-12 days of maceration. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation it is made a single mass – from there the name Kaos 5.0 origins (the average of the maceration-time). After this the wine matures for 10 months in cement.

0 – Eyes: The wine has a nice orange colour due to the maceration time and because it is not filtered it is slightly cloudy.
I – Nose: The nose not only catches the minerality, but the first impression is: A real orange wine! – after that the minerality comes out more, as well as something of peach stone and apricot.
II – Mouth: In the mouth in particular, it is not easy to tell the different tastes apart. But not because it isn’t possible, but because the elegance, the structured body and the play between minerality and the atmosphere of the sea form such a wonderful unit that one is only too happy to lose oneself in the overall impression: “tutta la passione siciliano ” – was said at our tasting. In the roundness, sensuality and expressiveness, the taste impression of dried fruits and raisins emerges, before the slight acidity finally leads to the eternal aftertaste.
III – Memory: The acidity, which is wonderfully integrated, releases the citrus fruits in the aftertaste before leaving room for a light bitter note. Between the impression of gentle acidity and light bitterness, the wine then reminds of everything that we lack here in Berlin – and that is at home on Mount Etna.